Additional learning requirements (OFA)



OFA (Additional learning requirements) are assigned for the following subjects:


- Chemistry

- Physics

- Mathematics

- Knowledge of English language (B2 level)

Students who do not reach the minimum score of 3.8 during the entry test, for each of the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English Language (Level B2) shall be assigned additional and separate requirements for each discipline, to be met by passing a specific test for the given subject.

With regard to the knowledge of English language, the OFA can be satisfied by passing a specific test or by submitting, within the given deadlines, an appropriate certification. The certificate must be one of those listed at CLA website.

Passing the OFA is fundamental to be admitted to the related exams.

In the event that the OFA were not met by 30th September 2019, the student is enrolled for the following academic year as if he/she were repeating the first year. The student can take the exams of the 2nd year, as planned in the degree programme, only once the OFA attributed have been satisfied, subjected to any and all additional requirements.

OFA tests

Each OFA test is formed by 15 multiple choice questions, with only one correct answer among those listed for each question. OFA is passed with 8 correct answers. Maximum time: 20 minutes. Tests will be held in a computer lab.

Registration lists for tests reserved to students of Animal Care are available on Moodle. Please check the proposed dates and enrol in the first turn available.

Click here to enrol - NB. the enrollment will open after the 8th of October

Self study


Tutor support: please contact tutor junior at

There will not be any preparatory course.

Additional information

Calculation of the OFA

OFA and related exams

Admission results (OFA underlined in red)