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International mobility: undergraduate exchange program between BCA-MAPS Departments and Texas A&M University

Dal 23.06.2014 al 04.07.2014

Study "Abroad" at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Padova

1) Veterinary International Leadership Program (VILP, 2011-2014)

The Veterinary International Leadership Program was designed to provide an international educational opportunity for a select group of veterinary students attending the University of Padova, Texas A&M University and Tufts Boston University. During the four year program, participants will develop a better understanding of the cultural differences between North America and Europe in the education of veterinary students, the practice of veterinary medicine, pet ownership, animal production, marketing of veterinary products, and food safety. Participants were selected based on their expressed interest in advancing the globalization of veterinary medicine and their past leadership experiences. Participants will benefit through instruction in physiology, pathology, food safety, and clinical skills.

The workshops were scheduled as follow:

            Summer 2011 – 6 weeks workshop on Physiology at Texas College Station

            Summer 2012 – 6 weeks workshop on General Pathology in Padova

            Summer 2013 – 4 weeks workshop on Public Health and Food Safety in Padova

            Summer 2014* – 5 weeks of clinical rotations at Texas A&M and Tuft Universities

* In July 2014 this program will terminate; the Enrolled Students will follow a Clinical rotations program in the two prestigious American Medicine Veterinary Faculties. Prof. Patruno, one of the responsible of this project, has been invited to organise a couple of research seminaries with the American Colleagues, in both Universities.

2) Program 2014-2015 at BCA, MAPS Departments and Texas A&M.

Thanks to the grant obtained from the University of Padova (Promozione della Mobilità ed Internazionalizzazione 2013), from BCA and MAPS Departments, we are able to carry on the initiative with the American students from the Texas A&M University, which started years ago with the project described above (VILP program). Responsible: Prof. M.Patruno and Prof. S.Romagnoli.

The current program is split in two years for Italian and American selected students; a Workshop is arranged in Italy while the Clinical Training will be organised in Texas as follow:

Summer 2014: Workshop in Food Safety and Public Health (it’ll start the 23rd of June 2014 at Legnaro, Agripolis Campus); the program may be downloaded below.

Summer 2015: Clinical Rotations (Texas A&M University, July 2015); the program is under revision.

3) Program of the Workshop in Food Safety and Public Health.