Animal Care


The course targets Italian and foreign students interested in the field of animal care, in national and international contexts, offering a unique educational pathway in the Mediterranean area of Europe. 
The specific learning objectives meet the requirements of professionals who can be then employed in companies, private and public organizations in which the management, health, welfare and the preservation of animals is conducted in accordance to a modern and international approach. 
The main purpose of the international undergraduate degree course in Animal Care is the achievement of knowledge, skills and competences in order to develop qualified human resources, specialized in animal care and welfare, in different sectors but mainly in relation to an individual view of the animal.


  Admission requirements

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SELF EVALUATION TEST: Biology, Mathmatics, Physics, Chemistry  (choose "Agraria e Medicina veterinaria", then "Animal Care". Click on "Continua", then create your account and try the test!)

  Course details

Attendance to teaching activities is mandatory: to take the final exam, the student must have attended at least 50% of the lecture hours and at least 75% of the laboratory hours

Courses of the 3rd year are organised in study plans focused on the wild animal’s and the lab animal’s care. Specificity of the two study plans are presented in this video: how to choose the curriculum. Please note that curriculums are available only for students enrolled in 2017/18 and 2018/19. Students enrolled from 2019/20 have to choose the study plan.

Please note that the student might deal with animals in poor welfare situations.

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  Career opportunities

The graduate in Animal Care is prepared to take care of the animal and protect its wellbeing. The work varies depending on the area considered: from the care of wildlife in a controlled environment, for educational, research and preservation purposes, to that of coadjutor in support of veterinarians or expert in the monitoring and care of animals intended for recreational, research, educational, sports and assistance activities. In addition, the training received will allow graduates to connect and integrate the actions promoted by more specialized professionals (veterinarian, biologist, zoologist, etc.) who work in the field of animal care.

  Field experience

Multidisciplinary field experience, including visit to zoological parks, rehabilitation centres, research facilities, will be organized during the course of study to introduce students to the practical activity.

Furthermore, the second semester of the third year will be dedicated to a compulsory practical training. Students will work at affiliated structures under the direct supervision of an expert in animal care.

  Scholarships and other facilitations for students

The University of Padova offers different types of scholarships and fee-waivers to international students.

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