Italian Food and Wine

The "Italian Food and Wine" MSc (ItF&W) degree programme focuses on the understanding, management, promotion and protection of high-value food products including wine. The internationally recognised Italian food production system is analyzed as a model for defining and characterizing the individual elements that contribute to the unique value of food products, inextricably linked to their place of origin through historical, social and cultural ties (terroir).

Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach of ItF&W, you will develop the capabilities and skills necessary to manage the complex system of high-value foods and wines, whose quality is profoundly linked to the traditions and places of origin.
You will understand the multi-faceted characteristics that distinguish these foods from others in the marketplace and that can be exploited in product valorisation and consumer information strategies. To this end, you will study how high-quality food and wine are produced, their link with the terroir, their sensory and nutritional properties, and how they are protected and can be valorized in the market.

ItF&W, fully taught in English, is two years long and requires 120 university credits. 

A double degree in "Italian Food and Wine - curriculum: Territorial Food and Wine" has been established in collaboration with the Ecole Supérieure des Agricultures (ESA), Angers (France).